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Vice President - Head of Application Management in North America (2014 - 2015)


Responsible for operations, solutions, portfolio strategy and P&L management (~40M) for the Application Management Practice within North America. Manage monthly global business reviews, deal review and approval process, and revenue forecasting as a member of the Systems Integration North American Executive Leadership Team. 


Selected Achievements

  • Led efforts to reinvigorate and restructure the Service Delivery Management Team while instituting controls over operational process and global delivery.

  • Improved the utilization of Standardized tools for delivery management to 100%.

  • Increased profitability from 7% to 22%.

  • Lead Client CxO and presentations to drive sales and capability understanding within the market.

  • Instituted Financial Governance and standard processes for forecasting and account management

  • Opened new and stabilized existing business in the automotive market

Project Management Certification
Technical Profile

Work History

2004 - 2014

Associate Vice President – Strategic Global Sourcing (2010 - 2014)


Executive management position leading the Global Transition Management Function while driving annual Total Contract Value (TCV) across the Strategic Global Sourcing (SGS) unit, with $3.6B in TCV in FY2013 and more than $9.8B since FY2004. Facilitated the achievement of all sales targets, including acting as a liaison between business and IT leaders to provide expertise to the corporate sales team in governance and managed services. Led and managed a team of 22 direct reports located in three separate global regions.


Selected Achievements

  • Under direct leadership, successfully executed $5.3B+ in contract value for all complex programs.

  •  Increased Total Contract Value (TCV) from $150M to $2.1B over nine years.

  • Delivered solutions to clients across all verticals through high-value sales presentations, walkthroughs and C-level interactions.

  • Maximized financial performance while managing an individual P&L of $250M while supporting a group P&L responsibility of more than $3.6B.

  • Drove sales pursuits to a successful completion, leading senior executives within the Strategic Global Sourcing (SGS) unit with deals averaging five years in duration and more than $110M in Total Contract Value (TCV).

  • Improved PMO productivity 30% by building a first-of-its-kind transition management tool that enhanced program governance efficiency.

  • Achieved a 100% successful track record on 38 consecutive programs over nine years with $5.3B in Total Contract Value (TCV) and zero penalties paid.

  • Transition Service Tower distribution – Applications (65%), Infrastructure (30%), BPO (5%)

2014 - 2015

Head of Transition Management (2007 - 2010)


Provided executive oversight for due diligence, transition execution and quality, maintaining an integral part of the sales pursuit process by bringing excellence, experience and leadership to client interactions. Led a top performing team of 14 direct reports across a global territory.


Selected Achievements

  • Built a team of executives capable of leading complex program management initiatives for deals ranging from $50M to $500M in Total Contract Value (TCV) with a lifespan of three years.

  • Met all transition requirements by continuously refining the transition framework to extend the methodology to multiple service lines, never paying a penalty.

  • Increased transition efficiency by implementing a new tool set and process for live interaction with global resources.

  • Held P&L responsibility of $100M, and group responsibility of $1.5B while maintaining an executive role in the largest transition in Infosys history.

  • Created a framework and methodology that enabled a consistent sales pursuit process throughout the company, supporting 45% YOY growth in FY2007.

Transition Manager (2004 - 2007)


Recruited to lead the $250M contract for a large multi-national bank, the largest and most complex transition in company history. Recognized as an expert in project management, laying the foundation for the framework, methodology, stakeholder governance and team structure for the company moving forward.


Selected Achievements

  • Managed $700M+ in Total Contract Value (TCV) in North America and Europe across the Financial Services, Utilities and Insurance spaces. Apps (70%), Infrastructure (30%)

  • Drove performance across North America, including leading five direct reports with an individual P&L responsibility of $85M and a group responsibility of $1B.

  • Defined and drove a consistent approach to the implementation of complex global programs involving the transition of service delivery within changing environments.

  • Ensued program execution achieved all internal and external objectives to create long-term reference generating clients.

  • Led successful turnarounds of failing programs through focused assessment and strategic management.

1997 - 2004

Engagement Manager (2001 - 2004)


Lead 350 employees and manage a $20M P&L. Delivered successful end results to numerous high-value projects and programs for clients that included AIG, MyTravel Airways, Umbro and Zurich Insurance.


Selected Clients

Client: AIG

  • Increased margins from 38% to 47% for the $12M annual AIG contract representing 185 project team members.

  • Established a client-dedicated PMO to solidify efficient quality processes in line with the client's quality and process framework.

Client: MyTravel Airways

  • Created targeted project proposals and plans to determine timeframes, funding requirements, procedures for accomplishing projects, staffing requirements and the allotment of resources to various project phases.

  • Led a 35-member project team through the administration of two strategic application developments for the client and its subsidiaries, including holding personal accountability for a $2M P&L.

Development/Maintenance Project Manager - Analyst (1997 - 2001)


Pegasus – Passenger Management System

  • Led development of a client/server application that provided a Passenger Management System for MyTravel Aviation Division. This application gives MyTravel a significant competitive sales and service advantage over its charter airline competitors.

  • Pegasus includes optimized auto seating, recording and tracking of pre-booked on board sales, interfaces to reservation systems and airport based departure control systems, and management information reporting. Pegasus was developed using Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server.


Business Intelligence System

  • Developed an Intranet based Management Information System using COGNOS 6 on top of Oracle 8i.

  • This system was built for the MyTravel Airways Managing Director as a decision support tool. The main focus of the tool is to provide insight in how to manage On Time Performance along with Resource Allocation and Cost.


Flight Support Data Management Application

  • Managed the development of a client/server advance planning application to coordinate the activities of MyTravel’s Commercial, Technical Flight Planning and Finance Departments using Visual Basic and used the Microsoft Data Engine.

  • The application provides visibility of each department’s inputs to the planning process, thereby increasing the efficiency of activities that define the airline’s flying schedule.



  • Managed a team of analysts that worked with senior management and business SMEs to produce Business Requirements. These Business Requirements formed the basis for a large program of work to replace the suite of applications that comprise the Operations software solutions for MyTravel.

  • These applications are a mixture of third party software packages and integrated in-house developed applications to manage aircraft movement, aircraft maintenance, schedule planning and production, flight planning, crew management and allocation, flight catering, air traffic control monitoring, emergency response procedures, and management reporting.


  • Lead a group of consultants to enhance and maintain the Optima Project Systems used by every department of MyTravel Airways, transforming the Optima Project from a failing initiative to a stable and ongoing 24x7 business critical solution for MyTravel Airways Operations.

  • The Optima Project is comprised of a large third party operations system having thirty-nine modules, with eight in-house developed client/server applications built on top of the third party operations system database. These in-house applications fill functionality gaps left by the third party operations system.

Umbro Business Analyst                                                                                                                                                           
  • Analyzed operating procedures to devise the most efficient methods for an IT system to support product design workflow for Umbro. Organized and documented findings of studies and prepared recommendations for implementation of new systems.

  • Planned the study of work problems and procedures, such as organizational change, communications, information flow, integrated production methods, inventory control, and cost analysis.

Zurich Insurance Y2K Testing                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Lead a team of five performing Y2K Analysis and System Testing for Zurich Insurance on an AS/400 platform.

  • Design of comprehensive testing processes and methods to certify applications as Y2K Compliant.


AIG Programmer/Analyst                                                                                                                                                  
  • Member of team developing client/server insurance applications utilizing VB5 and COBOL/CICS/DB2 back-end for AIG.

  • Responsible for Common Data Interface (CDI) production support.

  • Developed and maintained Intellirisk, a Visual Basic client/server application performing risk and premium analysis for the insurance industry.

Wake County Schools
1992 - 1997
ERNST & YOUNG (Formerly Arthur Young & Co)
1988 - 1990

Mathematics Teacher


  • Author of Wake County School System 1995 7th and 8th grade summer school curriculum.

  • Member of site based management finance committee responsible for overseeing budgets and programs.

  • Taught grades 7 through 12 and courses from Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus

Taxation Consultant


  • Researched problems in taxation and wrote positions that clients adopted based on the IRS code.

  • Worked in the areas of bankruptcy and corporate restructuring.

  • Corporate and Personal Tax Return preparation for both Federal and State Authorities.

  • Audit and compliance.

2016 - Present

Vice President - Application Services Management Head (2017 - Present)


Driving organizational enablement and awareness to a holistic view of customer engagement.


Selected Achievements

  • Defining Strategy for Services Management combining company capabilities in innovation and digital experience.  

  • Working with Executive and Sales Unit Leaders to devise a working model to create sticky revenue and achieve annuity revenue goals for the company.

  • Building team that brings a customer focus toward the management of daily customer operations.

Vice President - Practice Head for Strategic Large Programs and Transitions (2016 - 2017)


Responsible for Practice leadership, staff development and Framework creation to build a differentiated and efficient capability that drives significant change and improved service sales and implementation throughout the company. 


Selected Achievements

  • Senior Delivery Responsibility for key clients within North America and responsible for Large Transition Management

  • Leading efforts to implement Agile techniques for large programs and creating new Framework for Program Management and Due Diligence

  • Integral Pre-Sales team member creating continuity across multiple functional units for all Strategic Pursuits

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