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Resume for Download

Roger Mellor's Resume in Microsoft Word Format


Provided with the links on the right are two formats of my resume which highlight my experience and career.


This resume concentrates on my career in the IT space.

This is the third pahase of my career.


My first role out of college was as an accountant with Arthur Young & Co. which is now Ernst & Young after they merged with Ernst & Whinney. This was a rewarding experience and helped be build the foundation of my business acumen.

In the next phase of my life and career, I worked as a educator for 5 years. This may have been one of the most valuable building blocks for me as a professional. I learned the values of preparation, time management, and how to work in teams. This is where I honed my communication and presentation skills into a differentiator.


Please feel free to give me a call to discuss how I have progressed to this point in my professional journey.

Roger Mellor's Resume in PDF Format

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